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Farm Management

When you need help with farm management, it makes sense to turn to the professionals at A. Our team of professional farm managers possesses years of experience in agriculture along with personal farming backgrounds, which makes any agricultural situation more understandable.

Client Goals are Key: Our client’s goals and objectives drive the management of the farm. We handle the daily operations keeping the client’s objectives in mind.

Alliance Ag thoroughly analyzes individual clients' needs based on risk/reward expectations.  Examples of management options include:

  • Custom Farming - highest risk/reward
  • Crop Sharing - mid level risk/reward
  • Cash Rents - lowest risk/reward

Our initial consultation can help determine which option is best for you. 

Environmental Concern: Our management style focuses on being environmentally sensitive for the long-term preservation of the farm. We monitor tillage practices and utilize conservation methods if necessary. We establish and maintain contours and waterways. We also work with forest land establishment, enhancement, and harvest in conjunction with promoting wildlife habitat development.

Farm Plans: We develop a comprehensive farm plan each year including:

  • Operating and capital expense projections
  • Chemical selection based on weed spectrum and costs per acre
  • Crop diversification including corn, soybeans, small grains, canning crops, sugar beets, alfalfa, and value-added crops such as high oil corn, high oleic soybeans, and seed production
  • Close working relationship with operators that carries them successfully from planting to harvest


Changing Technology: Alliance Ag remains current with technological advances such as:

  • GMO issues, such as Roundup Ready, BT, and Liberty
  • GPS based yield monitors and mapping to assess variety, fertility, and drainage
  • Detailed soil testing, fertility recommendations and variable rate applications, and manure management


Farm Programs: The complexity of today’s farm programs can be very confusing. Our farm managers work closely with local FSA offices and can assist you with the paperwork and help give you a clearer understanding of farm programs, including:

  • Gov't Programs 
  • LDP/Commodity Loans
  • Disaster Payments
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
  • CREP/Buffer Strips
  • Wildlife Easements
  • Wetland Reserve
  • Other Conservation Programs

Record Keeping: Our staff uses a fully computerized financial record keeping system. Actual income and expenses can be compared to budgeted amounts during any period. An easy to read cash flow spreadsheet simplifies the financial picture of your farming operation. We provide individual bank accounts and quarterly financial reporting.
Our Services Include:
  • Lease negotiation and preparation
  • Operator selection and education
  • Enterprise management including production costs per acre
  • Farm visits and field inspections
  • Insurance services
  • Marketing
  • Capital Improvement Project Implementation
  • Forestry Experience

Whether you are a private landowner, estate representative or farmland investor, give us a call to see how one of our farm managers can assist you with your agricultural needs.
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